Aquatica Survival Swim School

AquaTots & AquaKids Survival Lessons - Levels 1 & 2

Safety is our number one priority and we believe that learning basic survival skills in the water should be the foundation of any introductory survival aquatic program. The first step is therefore introducing infants to the water in a calm and patient environment so that infants can develop a level of trust and explore new skills.

The Infant / Toddler Survival Swim program at Aquatica Survival Swim School is a unique style of safety lessons that equips your child with the necessary skills to survive in the water. Our dedicated, knowledgeable instructors offer unsurpassed excellence in the field of infant and toddler swimming instruction.

This class can be done 1-1 with an instructor or with a parent accompanying their tot into the water. Your child will be gently introduced to the water, and once comfortable, the instructor/parent will work with him/her to guide them through the lesson process and build a level of trust and comfort in the water. Once this is established, your child will begin to learn how to roll-back-to-float and then eventually start the swimming process depending on the child’s age.

This class is designed to transform your infant/toddler from being totally helpless in the water into confident, capable swimmers in weeks, not years. This ability and independence brings some relief and confidence to parents; not just meeting their expectations, but exceeding them. Teaching children to save their lives is our number one priority. 

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Welcome to Aquatica
Welcome to Aquatica