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About Aquatica Survivial Swim School

The Sooner…The Safer….
As one of the fastest growing private swim companies in Trinidad, and the country’s largest provider of survival swim lessons, operating 4 convenient locations, teaching over 1,500 students annually, we are dedicated to teaching safety and proficiency in and around the water, and are proud of the impact that we are making on families across the country.
Our variety of programs, expert instructors, curriculum and a friendly environment enhance your learning experience and ensure that there is one just right for your child/family and your wallet.
Everyone, no matter at what age or level can enjoy the benefits of swimming lessons.

Early swim lessons set a positive foundation towards a lifetime of participation in a variety of water sports and aquatic adventures. Our goal at Aquatica Survival Swim School is to provide families access to year-round, result-oriented quality aquatic programs.
We teach true survival skills which include getting from a face-in to face-out position and/or from a submerged and/or accidental fall-in position to safely rotate onto their back to relax and breathe until help arrives or in the case of older kids, to swim to safety and get out of the water. This life saving survival skill will gently introduce your child to water and give them the tools to become self-rescue aquatic problem solvers should they be alone in the water.

Toddler and older children will learn the swim-float-swim sequence. This is the ability to swim a short distance with their face fully submerged (horizontal position), roll onto their back to rest to breathe, then flip over onto their stomach to continue to swim to safety.

Lessons are 15-30-45 minutes and one-on-one or small group sessions (depending on age and ability) and are tailored to each swimmer’s individual needs. Shorter, more frequent lessons is one reason our program is so effective.

Our programs cater to individuals of all ages and abilities, starting from as young as four months old through adults, with SAFETY as Our Priority!


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Welcome to Aquatica
Welcome to Aquatica